The Leadership Initiative at the Ford School provides our students with the critical leadership development skills that allow them to be the “leaders and best” in their careers—to lead organizations, to lead others and to lead self. Leadership development skills allow students to have a better understanding of their lived experiences and strengths, and those of others, to build better relationships and encourage the best from their colleagues.

The Leadership Initiative is a natural space to address and better understand issues of diverse leadership, difference and concepts of mutual benefit when engaging with diverse communities. Some of the DEI-focused activities related to the Leadership Initiative this year included:

  • competency-based curricula that includes a strong focus on management and leadership skills.
  • seminars, workshops, and leadership skill-building opportunities on topics ranging from “Women Leading Local Government” to “Entering & Engaging with Communities.”
  • interaction with a diverse group of leaders like Condoleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and many other current and former policy leaders at all levels who model exemplary leadership practices, lessons, and reflections.
  • individual assessments that enhanced students’ self-awareness and understanding of others.