In December 2019, the Bentley Historical Library launched the latest version of the History of U-M website. The site is designed as a portal to publications and posts from across the university dealing with the history of U-M in ways that are celebratory, critical and everything in between. Intended to continue the momentum of the university’s 2017 bicentennial, it provides an opportunity to collect and promote inquiry into the past. In particular, the site highlights U-M’s historical successes and failures in achieving diversity, equity and inclusion. The homepage regularly features several rotating pieces that have, to date, included stories on the racial justice advocacy group BBUM, (“Being Black at U-M”) the struggle to admit women in the 19th century (“As to the Woman Question”), the informal segregation and integration of student housing (“An Unwritten Law”) and the achievements of women and minorities (e.g., “In Her Own Right” and “Firmly in the Driver’s Seat”). Although we are still working to raise the profile of the website, we can report that among the pieces most accessed are “Pride and Prejudice,” about Jim Toy and gay rights on campus; “Being Black at U-M”; and “An Unwritten Law.”