The university will develop and implement a campuswide educational effort to raise awareness among students, faculty and staff about campus climate concerns and the methods available for reporting concerns. In addition, the university will actively educate the campus community about the resources and support offered to students in response to campus climate concerns.

Year Four Progress

In Year Four, Student Life led U-M’s institutional shift from bias response to a framework of campus climate support. We prioritized the implementation of a responsive and flexible campus climate support model. We also built on current strategic efforts to improve campus response and support for climate concerns by working to ensure that all U-M students are aware of and engaging in the campus climate support work. Given the complementary goals, all year four updates on this action are included as part of “Student Support and Resources to Improve the Campus Climate.” In year five, “Raise Awareness About Reporting Campus Climate Concerns” will no longer exist as a separate campuswide action item.

Responsibility: Division of Student Life, Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion