In support of DEI efforts across the university, communications professionals from ODEI and Public Affairs continued working together to provide critical updates and announcements to faculty, staff, students, and community members through social media, to promote events, and to raise awareness via publications at the local and national level. Achievements of Year Four included the launch of a DEI Strategic Planning Toolkit for universities nationwide and the roll-out of new website features for accessible and inclusive event planning.

ODEI continued to manage two social media accounts: @UMichDiversity on Twitter and a Facebook page, UMichDiversity. Posts included news, events, photos, videos, live tweeting, and other items that communicated U-M’s active efforts to cultivate a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

In partnership with the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, ODEI worked with campus units and departments to continue developing dynamic news stories that educate target audiences on the university’s commitment to diversity, raise awareness of our strategic plans, and position U-M as an international leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education. The university’s DEI efforts were consistently highlighted in both internal and external publications at the local and national level.

Year Four brought significant progress in DEI resources and communications. U-M launched several new initiatives, including a DEI Strategic Planning Toolkit geared toward assisting universities across the country that are interested in developing their own DEI planning process. Additionally, the website added features for accessible and inclusive event planning and new resource guides were developed – one aimed at DEI Leads campuswide campuswide supporting DEI work during COVID-19 and another listing campuswide efforts and activities addressing issues relevant to the African American community. Communications and news covered the University’s strong commitment to condemning societal instances of anti-Asian racism as COVID-19 emerged as a pandemic, as well as its condemnation of systemic racism and anti-Blackness as national unrest grew in response racist violence and police brutality. The University has continued to communicate its renewed commitment to becoming an anti-racist institution as our DEI efforts campuswide continue as a top priority.